Extremely quick to install, maintenance-free, durable, minimally invasive, extendable as required and environmentally friendly.

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Michael Kappler

Michael Kappler

Authorized Officer
Phone: +49 7946 944808-35
Mobile: 0163 7216023
Email: michael.kappler@korbkultur.de

Heide Botsch

Heide Botsch

Sales/Back Office
Phone: +49 7946 944808-33
Email: heide.botsch@korbkultur.de

Alexander Schäfer

Alexander Schäfer

Technical Sales
Phone: +49 7946 944808-36
Mobile: 0173 6106612
Email: alexander.schaefer@korbkultur.de

korbkultur GmbH & Co. KG

Weißlensburgerstraße 100
74626 Bretzfeld-Weißlensburg
Phone: +49 7946 944808-0
Fax: +49 7946 944808-88
Email: info@korbkultur.de

We are your supplier for high-quality stone baskets in Germany

As a gabion specialist, we can offer you factory-filled baskets, baskets for on-site assembly and stone fences. We accompany your project planning from the calculation of the statics to the selection of materials. For all installation services, we will arrange one of our certified and experienced subcontractors, customised to your project.

Contact us and benefit from our expertise and many years of experience.

Our partners

In order to meet the high quality standards of our customers, we work exclusively with reputable partners.

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