Extremely quick to install, maintenance-free, durable, minimally invasive, extendable as required and environmentally friendly.

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Cestino Solare ® — Singolare

Cestino Solare® – Singolare
  • 1 stone basket
  • Steel substructure
  • 4 PV panels (approx. 1772 × 1134 mm)
  • Inverter/storage
  • Power: approx. 1.5 KWp
  • Footprint: 240 × 301 × 253 cm (Length × Depth × Height)

Cestino Solare ® — Plurale

Cestino Solare® – Plurale
  • 2 stone baskets
  • Steel substructure
  • 10 PV panels (approx. 1772 × 1134 mm)
  • Inverter/storage
  • Power: approx. 4.4 KWp
  • Footprint: 600 × 301 × 253 cm (Length × Depth × Height)

The Advantages

Our versatile gabion for flexible and easy on-site assembly and filling.

  • extremely fast and flexible assembly due to factory filling
  • no maintenance of the stone basket system required
  • 100% recyclable
  • very high durability due to 6 mm wire thickness and high zinc coating
  • adjustable substructures that can absorb moderate settlements without damage
  • minimal surface intervention
  • refuge for insects and small animals
  • no concrete foundation needed
  • any expansion of the modules
  • highly draining
  • complete structural analysis
  • baskets can be relocated multiple times

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